Tallahassee, FL.

The Florida Technology Council (FTC), a newly-formed association exclusively focused on
the needs of the technology sector, today announced that it is finalizing a founding board.  The FTC also
announced today that James Taylor will serve as the council’s interim executive director.

“We are excited to announce FTC’s founding members today: AT&T, SAS, Uber Operations, Kyra InfoTech, Scholastic, Five Points Technology Group and CNLBank,” said Claudia Davant, chair of the FTC.  “These organizations are leading the way in the information technology (IT) sector; and, we look forward to working closely with them to ensure Florida is on the cutting edge of IT and the public policy governing this industry.”

“We are equally happy to announce that James Taylor will serve as the council’s interim executive director,” continued Davant.  “James’ expertise in the IT field will be invaluable as we work with our diverse membership to make certain that Florida keeps pace with the growing IT sector of our economy.”

“Florida is a national leader for IT job growth, yet the IT industry has never had a dedicated voice in
Tallahassee,” said Taylor.  “I’ve seen strong representation divided between a great number of Florida businesses; however, at the rate our IT sector has grown, it deserves, and requires, an undistracted attention that has not been delivered.  Understanding which regulations they will face and where our state is directing technology has been a massive advantage for the top few organizations, leaving those without representation to guess their way through a maze where competitors know exactly where the finish line lies and what it will take to get them there.”

“With the creation and launch of Florida’s Agency for State Technology, it is time for this industry to receive
the undivided attention it commands,” continued Taylor.  “The FTC understands that Florida’s future lies in
technology growth; and, starting today, the Florida Technology Council will be aggressively advocating on
behalf of the IT industry in the State of Florida before the legislative and executive branches.”

For more information on the Florida Technology Council and its effort, please visit FLTechCouncil.com, follow us on Twitter @FLTechCouncil and like us on Facebook at FB.com/FLTechCouncil.  To join FTC’s effort, please contact Executive Director James Taylor at james.taylor@fltechcouncil.com.