Tallahassee, FL.

In 2013, the Florida Legislature funded an opportunity for the Department of Children and Families to procure a patient centered, internet based personal health record system for foster children. This personal health record system allows youth and caregivers direct access of various health documents and information, and provides youth and caregivers easy, portable access to the youth’s records. My JumpVault, which is already in use in a Florida CBC, was selected as the Electronic Personal Health Record system for the children in Florida’s system of care.

Thomas Fair, a veteran of the Florida child welfare system and now an employee of Five Points, understands the value of a system like My JumpVault. “My brother and I moved to several different placements when we were growing up in foster care. It’s easy to lose track of people, personal memories and important papers and things needed to be independent when you get older.” Thomas and a core group of youth in care helped design what they wanted to see in a system they could call their own, accessible from anywhere. In fact, the name “My JumpVault” came from the team. “We need to get a ‘Jump’ on things, and ‘Vault’ from the one secure location to find everything”, says Mr. Fair.

Derek Prowse, one of Five Points’ business analysts with a long history of service in child welfare before joining Five Points noted the climate in child welfare today has driven Florida’s adoption of the system. “The foster parents themselves are one of the biggest fans of My JumpVault”, says Derek, who has been involved with the launch of the product from the start at the first Community Based Care organization, “They love the idea of being able to access needed documents and information. It also gives kids an increased sense of security in new surroundings.”

Florida is rolling out the product statewide in 2015 and 2016 which includes integration with the FL SACWIS (FSFN) for automated account generation for youth, care givers and case workers, all of whom are granted access to the system. Additional data integration from the state’s child welfare Medicaid specialty plan is used to populate My JumpVault.