A major County Child Welfare Services Agency has chosen CareMatch as its software of choice to track all referrals, network management, placements and reporting including integrating with SACWIS data.    The County will utilize CareMatch’s pioneering algorithm to assist workers in the placement availability and matching process.

The County reviewed CareMatch’s ability to define both child and provider matching characteristics, provide for the ability to integrate with the SACWIS and support the extensive data analytics needed for future planning, both the Technology and Program teams decided CareMatch was a great fit to respond to their needs of rising caseloads, harder to place children and limited resources.

CareMatch will give the County functionality to use weighting for each child placement scenario that allows workers to select the best match from available homes and providers that best meet the child’s needs.  The software assists workers in this process in just seconds instead of the hours they spend now currently reviewing outdated spreadsheets or SACWIS data.  “Allowing users to change the way the system works within the matching module is an innovative approach to placement practice.” says Rob Reed, VP of Development at Five Points.   “Five Points will be flexible in our approach for any application.  In this case, the County had a specific functionality change and we’re excited to get started.”

The contract began in November of 2015 and the system is expected to be implemented in the third quarter of 2016.