Software Development

At Five Points, we know the right software that’s designed around the way your company wants to work drives the successful workflows that enable companies to grow in support of client service.  And while many companies may have heard just how badly some software implementations can go wrong, Five Points would like to set the record straight with our customer testimonies.  With virtually 100% of our longtime software clients still with us, we must be doing something right.

Five Points software development starts with your end result in mind, then proceeds to implement a flexible PMI-based project framework which adapts to your changing business requirements.  We’ve learned over the years that software development can at times be a discovery process for our customers, and we embrace change as we work closely with your updated requirements.  By applying the best project and development methodologies to yield the earliest return of functional software within a framework that keeps strategic objectives as priority deliverables, Five Points offers dynamic software solutions that allow your users to take advantage of functional change quickly.

With over one third of our business analysts having direct experience in health and human services, our analysis process yields a high degree of business acumen in defining the next critical phase of development.  By rapidly defining gap analysis, functional requirement analysis and technical design, our analysis team delivers early returns on your project efforts designed around workflow efficiencies.    Many of our customers have seen functional changes ready for production use in as little as three weeks, which includes quality assurance steps for implementation.  We pride ourselves on the ability to turn on a dime when necessary to give our customers solutions that are responsive to the changing needs of your organization.

Five Points developers utilize the technical tools that leverage the best results for our clients, in no-nonsense, nimble implementations and easily maintained software that delivers the functionality you need in a solution that works without unnecessary frills.  And while we’re always able to add complexity as needs evolve, our biggest successes always come from agile development efforts that give our customers the solutions they need rapidly, with reasonably affordable price points.  Our veteran development staff has the extensive experience building limited targeted enhancements or complete, effective solutions to expedite needed functionality promptly.

At Five Points, we understand the need for budgetary responsibility in systems implementations.  All of our implementations are economically structured to support an incremental, modular approach to delivered functionality, from early analysis through production implementation and continued ongoing support.   Our sustained growth and success at Five Points is built on the relentless philosophy that each step in delivering customer satisfaction with our software develops both immediate and long term value for our customer and our employees as well.

Contact us today to see how software development at Five Points creates real value for your business process.