CoBRIS, the Community Based Resource Information System, is a cloud based software solution designed for Lead Agency daily management, operations, reporting and analytics for child welfare.  CoBRIS assists staff by tracking client services, placements, provider recruitments and outcomes in one easy to access user interface which was designed from the direct input of case workers and management during Florida’s transition to Community Based Care.  The CoBRIS system is designed to accept either direct user input or can be configured for automated integration with any other external data source such as SACWIS, Provider case management software, Medicaid data, health data and school systems data.

Major Modules in CoBRIS include:

Track All Resource Information in One Place

CoBRIS tracks in depth information on all provider resources including specialty and residential treatment centers, foster / adoptive homes, and private and group homes.  In addition to all standard information such as address, phone numbers and additional members of the household, analytical tools within the application are used to increase recruitment and retention of foster families with the ability to review adherence to compliance with facility requirements through electronic document management.  CoBRIS provider alerts such as placement holds and service interruptions are tracked as well as aggregate reporting of associated group facilities.    The ability to quickly manage the entire provider network with more than 42 detailed reports describing metrics such as GIS resource overlay, fiscal and cost of care reporting, recruitment, retention, capacity, asset mapping, contact notes and placement acceptance rate, with most reports able to be customized by the user at runtime.

Additionally, if providers have questions about a certain contract or its requirements, Cotrac’s internal messaging system keeps communications secure and to the point, allowing contract managers to be sure they are addressing the important issues first.

Seamless Workflow for Case Transfer

For children in care, CoBRIS provides an unprecedented level of efficiency in managing referral and placement information.   Referrals may be classified by referral type to streamline placement efforts for more immediate needs.  Our referral dashboard provides case workers with up to the minute reporting information with the ability to manage their caseloads dynamically, including the supervisory capacity to transfer full or partial caseloads to other workers, further optimizing case worker efficiencies.

Supervisory staff may additionally monitor the status of placement unit workers through their dashboards as well as alerts and reports provided with real time updates of each child’s placement status.  Service plans and complete child referral histories are maintained in CoBRIS in addition to consideration for siblings and other household members when performing a placement.  Extended care data, court-ordered information, a complete list of all assigned worker’s on the child’s case, and a comprehensive listing of all contact notes information is available for each child.

Actively Manage Services and Finances

The Purchase of Services (POS) Request/Service Tracker allows child welfare professionals throughout the provider network to make automated-paperless requests for services, shorten the response time, and provide accountability by time/date stamping actions in order for the lead agency to ensure services are rendered in a timely manner, streamlining the authorization process and as a result expedite service delivery. The system incorporates provider information (vendor name, services, fees, etc.) and draws case/child information from SACWIS so case managers can complete the request with accurate information quickly and maximize resources by funding source.

The process is initiated at the closest point of service delivery (case management/ case plan from group conference), the request sent to the supervisor for electronic approval and then on to the lead agency for authorization. Funds are then encumbered and tracked. For each process step, an audit records the individuals taking action.

Included in this module is the budgeting spreadsheet which tracks an Agency’s annual budget by service category by month. This allows an agency to see monthly encumbrances, rendered and paid, allowing for annual calculation to determine if the agency is on budget or over / under annual budget as well as analysis by service category. Also included is the cost of care report, tracking total agency expenditures by child, allowing for child specific analysis of costs.

Data Exchange with SACWIS/CCWIS

The Five Points CoBRIS software team has eleven years of experience integrating with SACWIS systems and the changing requirements of state data systems. CoBRIS has the ability to accept a state data download, real time XML access to data or a nightly FTP extract. Our Team has the ability and experience in developing and export or upload back to the state to interface with SACWIS data, allowing Agency data to be appropriately integrated in State data for outcome measures and Federal tracking. All work is done in compliance with state and Federal requirements.

Ability to Access outside Data Sources

CoBRIS can import information from Schools, Courts, Providers, etc; this access must be granted by each individual Lead Agency. CoBRIS also has the ability to have Third Party notes passed to Case Worker from an outside source.


Five Points created CoBRIS from the need to more efficiently manage a network of Providers and services when managing a child welfare system of care.  If your Agency is considering a Lead Agency role or a Provider network management role and you would like to see  how CoBRIS can deliver real efficiencies in child welfare management, contact us or schedule a demonstration of CoBRIS for your organization today.