Data Analytics and Performance Measures

Five Points data analytics takes raw behavioral health data captured from our customer’s individual systems and turns it into performance insights that broaden the ability to more effectively service clients with substance abuse, mental health and behavioral health needs, strengthening the overall network of care.  While business intelligence, reports and system dashboards do provide a good first level of support by displaying combined data, the ability to support decisive action regarding your providers and your behavioral care network is based on intelligent data analytics.

Five Points’ behavioral health data analytics lets you understand past behavior and make future predictions by understanding the root cause analysis of your data.  In association with our long term partners in behavioral health, we’ve learned that current data analytics and timely performance measures play a key role in every critical decision in your organization, with opportunities for unending strategic improvements in care delivery.

Five Points implements data analytics solutions using qualified, relevant up-to-the-minute information displayed in a highly visual environment, supporting your users’ ability to make fast decisions on pressing questions.  Five Points knows how important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are in behavioral health and what they mean to organizations.  With this in mind, our design partnership allows our customers to personalize their performance reporting to dynamically stay on top of the information that matters the most.

Five Points’ Data analytics allows you to examine client, provider and provider network performance data at an aggregate level, then drill down into the supporting data to find out why relevant correlations exist.  Our data analytics provide the opportunity to expose relationships in data you did not necessarily know existed by combining quality data in meaningful ways.  Comprehensive client assessment and referral and provider and fiscal performance measures allow managing entities to focus on problem performance areas and fine tune program improvements.

Five Points approaches all of our relationships with our customers as a long-term partnership, aligning technology goals with your strategic business objectives.  Creating data analytics with us provides the opportunity to review where you are headed as an organization and make quick changes based on positive correlations in the data, versus suspected trends and uncertainty. Organizations who base their decisions on sound, qualified data analytics substantially cut down on the time it takes to incorporate the “feedback loop” of results data, sometimes revealed later as potential outcome issues.  Successful organizations drive early change by becoming more agile in their ability to quickly adapt to meaningful data analytics created from their systems.

Five Points additionally incorporates geo-spatial data into our considerations for an organization’s service delivery analytics.  Our customers continue to report how incorporating geo-location mapping information into their service delivery decisions has dramatically improved their service delivery model and operations.  Five Points combines real-world, updated and qualified information, along with statistically significant indicators to provide powerful, flexible solutions for data analysis requirements responsive to day-to-day decision making.

Five Points makes it our business to identify key outcomes critical to your organization, as well as to know the underlying data and analytics needed to improve streamlined performance and reduce risk.  Our extensive industry experience, coupled with the strong partnerships we build with our customers enables us to create tried and tested solutions for operationalizing data analytics that works for everyone in behavioral health.

To see how Five Points data analytics can uncover strategic opportunities with your existing behavioral health systems, give us a call or schedule a demonstration of real data analytics in action.