Revolve’s menu system can be easily configured by you to enable access to any part of the system for any role, including the new roles that have not yet been filled or even created.  Our HIPAA-compliant system security model allows each user to be assigned their own security roles, but also allows each user to have their own menu items individually assigned to them as well, so you can customize each login’s access to any part of the system you want.

Users can also do their own password resets whenever they have forgotten their password and drop-down selection lists can be customized by our customers at their discretion.  Five Points believes in reducing and eliminating unnecessary work for you and your IT department whenever possible, which is why our ad-hoc client reporting functionality allows you to define your own fields, filtering, sorting and grouping report data to meet your individual needs.


Custom Reporting, Comprehensive Functionality

All custom report configurations you create can be saved for re-use or modified again.  Revolve maintains all the reports you have ever run on our server history in chronological order for easy access – either those customized by you or one of our many standard reports.  For extremely complex reports that may take longer to run, Revolve notifies you once your report is ready, allowing you to focus on other priorities and maximize your time.

Revolve’s considerable standard report selections have grown to define the comprehensive spectrum of functionality across client care, service plans, provider management, service delivery programs, contract and billing financials, medical, medication, treatment, insurance, communications and contact histories.  Revolve’s holistic approach to both clients and their care providers maintains historical perspectives across the entire continuum of care.  For specialized clients, such as foster care or adoption children and their siblings, Revolve maintains referral characteristics, preferences, educational and personal demographic information, which can be modified from the time of initial removal referral through emancipation, with complete placement family history.

Mental health and substance abuse patients are supported through inquiries, wait list, admissions, assessment, service plans, and services tracking and incident reporting through final discharge.

In addition, Revolve strengthens your network of care by supporting providers in inquiry, training, licensure and certification, service availability scheduling, preferences, service and communications history.  Prospective foster and adoption families and household members are systematically tracked through the renewal licensing process with automated criminal, abuse, criminal and sex offender background screenings.

Meaningful Dashboards

Dashboards are customized by your role or individual login, where up-to-the-minute critical client and provider information is no more than two to three clicks away from any dashboard element.  In fact, any case managers’ caseload, referrals, discharges, assigned providers, screenings due and service log requirements can be searched or sorted on any column within the dashboard.

Supervisors are also given the ability to review roll-ups of all case workers’ dashboards, as well as select any case worker for individual review.  Caseloads are also easily transferable to balance resources when needed.

Shared Documentation

Revolve supports extensive document uploads, note taking, and log capability for both clients and providers to record meetings, communications and evaluations. This ability provides accurate and timely information for all reviewers with adequate security clearance.

Group notes entered on selected providers or sibling groups reduce data entry time by making a single note entered available multiple times.  Any document or image may be uploaded to client or provider history as part of your required document taxonomy or simply as an ad-hoc document.  Documents may also be scanned directly into Revolve from a hardcopy document if necessary, making it easier for organizations seeking to finally move away from paper-based information systems to do so.

Service Plans and Narratives for Client Goals

In addition to detailed client demographic information, Revolve maintains actionable service and action plans which support client improvement toward goals, including:

  • Initial service plans
  • Assessment evaluations
  • Master service plans
  • Aftercare and transition plans

Independent living and additional narratives are available for:

  • Family history
  • History action steps
  • Medication plan assessments
  • Mental and behavioral health assessments
  • Supervision assessments
  • Legal assessments
  • Cultural identity and religious assessments
  • Transition plan assessments
  • Overall behavior assessments
  • Overall lagging skills assessments

Revolve provides all case workers with updated information on every client and family for maximum visibility to inform the decision making process.

Affordable Efficiency

As a hosted “software-as-a-service” application, Revolve is an affordable solution that creates substantial savings for our health and human service partners by eliminating recurring costs for hardware and technical personnel.


Five Points looks forward to showing you just how Revolve keeps your clients at the center of your organization and how your organization will be at the center of ours with this innovative solution! All you have to do is contact us or schedule a demo.