CareMatch provides case workers and management staff the right tools to intelligently match children in care to placements the first time, helping to significantly reduce subsequent placements within the child welfare system.  Professionals in child welfare understand the tremendous impact reducing the number of moves in a foster child’s life can play in improved academic performance, emotional well-being and the successful long term transition to independent living.  By performing a “first match / best match” with every placement opportunity, child welfare organizations are finding powerful and compelling reasons to place CareMatch at the center of their placement workflows.

Calculate and Rank Available Placement Options

CareMatch works by utilizing weighted characteristics for both foster caregivers and children in care, allowing the system to propose best choice ranked selections for placements.  By matching foster families strengths and preferences to the attributes of children in need of placement, the CareMatch algorithm is able to instantly calculate and rank the best matched, available placement child in care. Much more than simply finding an open bed, CareMatch’s robust matching functionality increases favorable outcomes in finding a permanent and loving “forever family” placement by ensuring all the necessary information is considered for a child’s most important decision in care.

Enhances Staff Workflow

CareMatch creates an excellent placement environment for matching workers by maintaining all relevant information on care providers such as availability, training and licensing renewal status, as well as the ability to maintain compliance with all necessary caregiver paperwork electronically via upload.  CareMatch additionally provides the ability to track caregiver network affiliates for provider resources including individual Foster Homes, Group Homes and Residential Facility Centers.  In addition to standard contact information for caregivers, CareMatch provides additional information for other house members, children, siblings, their ages and gender, background checks and a complete placement history.  Flexible customized dashboards provide referral and case load management allowing supervisors to dynamically assign and distribute work as needed. Placement logs allow workers to document which Providers have accepted or not accepted placements, allowing for ongoing reporting on the Provider network.

Easy Reporting on Performance Measures

Our GIS mapping overlay functionality adds the needed dimension of travel distance to all placement considerations in keeping children close to school, friends and family members, allowing placement workers to evaluate multiple placement possibilities quickly and easily, as well as mapping turn by turn directions if needed.  Dynamic filtering capability allows the provider search to be dynamically expanded or narrowed easily to pinpoint local opportunities for any placement.

Asset mapping functionality for adoptions, beds, placements, discharges and recruitment provides detailed and aggregate perspectives on providers across the network, with the ability to zero in on problem areas of the network or trace individual provider performance history.  CareMatch has more than 40 reports designed to track recruitment, retention and the matching of homes and facilities with children.  And with the ability to additionally track provider payment information inside of CareMatch, the system provides an effective Cost of Care analysis that tracks provider payment rates and fiscal efficiencies to build and maintain strong provider networks.

Court Appointed Child Advocacy

CareMatch allows advocate volunteers and case workers the ability to focus on the best judicial outcomes for kids in advocacy by streamlining volunteer readiness, case management and child assessments. Track volunteer applicants from initial inquiry through automated application communications and reference assurance through to training requirements and authorization for advocacy, with the ability to track histories of assignments accessible to the right case staff and volunteers as well.

Maintain CASA court-ready assessments for children in care accessible to volunteers and staff that reflect key information essential to child welfare outcomes such as case history, education, behavioral and therapy determinations, safety issues, case compliance checklists, and family circumstances. CareMatch provides the kind of critical information that supports effective court process and meaningful placement or reconciliation outcomes.

Access Controls

Like all Five Points systems, secure administration of private health information remains our highest priority.  CareMatch users are granted access to individual areas of the system only by those users given the ability to set up and manage user accounts, which may be activated or locked out quickly if necessary.  The ability to control access to provider or child information is maintained through access to security roles granted by your organization.

To see how CareMatch can efficiently and effectively manage your placement search processes, please contact us or schedule a demonstration of CareMatch today.