CareMatch for Behavioral Health was created by Five Points in response to the increasing need to match clients in need of behavioral healthcare with appropriate providers best able to support the exact needs of each client quickly.  As demands for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment and recovery have increased in many communities, finding adequate mental health or substance abuse disorders services for children, adolescents and adults has also becoming increasing difficult.  Many states have noted a high percentage of people unnecessarily hospitalized who suffered from untreated substance abuse or mental health issues requiring direction to specialized service providers, resulting in unnecessarily extending the overall cost of care and treatment.

CareMatch was designed to provide care workers the ability to pinpoint available service providers instantly from the entire provider network by supporting a number of different client referral types of varying behavioral and medical characteristics.  Providers hosting any number of open beds defined as most appropriately matching the needs of the client are rapidly selected from the network of providers with available beds, taking the guesswork and added legwork out of finding the right provider the first time.

CareMatch works by utilizing weighted characteristics for both providers and clients in care, allowing the system to propose best choice ranked selections for service.  By matching behavioral health provider’s strengths and preferences to the attributes of clients in need of care, the CareMatch algorithm is able to immediately determine the best possible service considerations for clients in referral for psychiatric, mental health, substance abuse or intellectual and developmental disabilities.  By considering all available client information, CareMatch’s robust matching functionality increases favorable service outcomes by selecting the right service provider the first time.

CareMatch supports the following functionality in support of efficient service care selections:

  • Streamlined, accurate, and facility-specific available bed count entry with minimum data entry requirements
  • Bed Count entry restricted to applicable roles to trace accountability for bed count entry
  • Real time, up to the minute visibility into available open beds across the network of care
  • Defining characteristics entered on inpatient care facilities detail the specific acceptability requirements of each organization
  • Provider characteristics may be dynamically modified to support any changes in a facility’s requirements moving forward
  • Enable individualized demographic characteristics to be entered on each client
  • Extended search criteria intelligently targets suitable care facilities
  • Role-based secure logins for all entities seeking available, best-match care providers with distinct system rights
  • Enable system matching suitability to accurately rate the ability of any service provider to meet client service requirements
  • A flexible approach to system analytics with live dashboards in addition to comprehensive reports to determine bed availability for individuals or in aggregate
  • All PHI data is securely maintained in our SOC, HIPAA and NIST compliant secure web hosted Data Center

Those seeking care for those in need can utilize our GIS-mapping functionality to determine the comparative distances in multiple provider selections, as well as consider travel distances between providers and client friends and family.  Dynamic filtering capability allows the provider search to be dynamically expanded or narrowed easily to pinpoint local opportunities for any service opportunity

Asset mapping functionality for service placements provides detailed and aggregate perspectives on providers and provider performance across the network, with the ability to zero in on problem areas of the network or trace individual provider performance history.  CareMatch comes out of the box with a number of reports designed to track provider performance and network efficiencies, with the ability to define performance measures and meaningful dashboard indicators.

CareMatch addresses many of the challenges faced by those working in a cross section of health and human service sectors like child welfare, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and other social services by recognizing the common thread behavioral health and substance abuse treatment plays throughout each service community, and by providing the means to expedite targeted service solutions for clients in need by quickly pairing clients to the best providers available.

To see how CareMatch can make a lasting difference for clients in your community care organization, please contact us or schedule a demonstration of CareMatch today.