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My Jump Vault is a web based solution for youth in care to help address the critical need of a life book and a location for youth to call their own to store documents, photos, etc.

As we in the Health and Human Services world know, the youth who are aging out of the foster care system in many cases are not prepared to address the demands and responsibilities of adulthood.  With an average of six changes to different foster parents during their stay in the system, many of the critical documents needed by foster kids are lost or misplaced during transition, or they may not be maintained by foster parents and case workers.  The result is a general lack of preparedness for the fundamental requirements of adulthood.

My Jump Vault was designed with the assistance of a group of young adults in Florida’s foster care system and was developed into a secure web-based cloud application by Five Points.

My Jump Vault provides foster youth with a fun and engaging system accessible by smart phone, tablet or PC for the demands of today’s active youth.  In addition to the application’s ability to securely maintain needed documents, which can be added and maintained within the system, My JumpVault also provides a wealth of information for all topics related to the steps to adulthood, including medical health records, employment records, educational requirements, individual rights and financial matters.  By placing all of these items in one secure location, accessible by youths and their case workers, youths are empowered and supported during their transitions to adulthood.  Access to My JumpVault can be granted to youths, foster parents, group home staff, case workers, administrative staff, Guardian ad Litems / CASA workers, judges and many more.

My Jump Vault has relevant sections for each area of youth’s lives.  The “My Dashboard” sections allows each user to see an overview of their progress in completing each section of their contribution requirements across all other content sections, including:

All of these sections combine to provide a comprehensive collection of needed documentation and accomplishments in order to reach adulthood.

Five Points’ My Jump Vault installations enjoy a high degree of participation by youth who appreciate the opportunity to uniquely customize their own environment by themselves, while gaining the assistance needed to focus on growing up.

We understand the challenge of keeping a youth’s interest and focus, which is why My Jump Vault engages and encourages youth to work to complete sections of their upload requirements by incentives for additional storage or promotional items which can be customized.

My Jump Vault was designed to be fun, but with security and privacy at the core of the application.  Its name stems from the youth who assisted us in creating it and wanted to get a “Jump” on life, and locking up their confidential digital assets in the “Vault” became Five Points’ mission.

We at Five Points are incredibly proud of this product, and we invite you to learn more or to schedule a demo by visiting