Our child welfare customers at Five Points know there are special requirements that contract managers need when working with their providers on contractual agreements.  We also know most of our clients responsible for tracking down compliance artifacts from their agencies find they are spending too much time preoccupied with emails, phone calls and even faxes when communicating with providers who owe them required documentation for their foster care and adoption contracts.

Contract managers need to be able to not only manage things they expect from providers, but also things they are expected to provide to other agencies.  Wouldn’t it be easier to track all these contract management requirements under one roof in one easy to manage system?  It is!


Automated Contract Compliance

Our innovative product, Cotrac tracks and automates your contract compliance.  Cotrac for child welfare was designed for contract managers by contract managers in order to ensure simplification of the overwhelming process of managing contracts between your agency and the provider network.

  • Simplified Electronic Contract Management
  • Secure access by both agency contract managers and providers
  • Innovative and flexible design automates communications for needed contract updates and documentation such as certifications, inspections and safety reviews
  • “Coming Due” and “Past Due” dashboards quickly identify problem compliance areas
  • Document upload streamlines identification and taxonomy of needed documentation, eliminating paper and fax transmissions. Cotrac keeps you both up to date, by keeping track of things that may be overlooked since your last login and tells you about them when you login next.  Consider it a “while you were away” notepad of everything related to the contracts you manage
Next Generation Contract Communications

No more chasing down providers for needed contract submissions!  By determining which submissions are required for which providers and when submissions are due, Cotrac automatically notifies providers about upcoming or past-due submission requirements, such as home studies, auto licenses or foster care license renewals.

With Cotrac, you can save provider communications for the important things.  Cotrac automatically informs providers which documents are needed and when, and they will continue to receive automatic email reminders about what they need to do – eliminating the burden from you and your staff.  Additionally, if providers have questions about a certain contract or its requirements, Cotrac’s internal messaging system keeps communications secure and to the point, allowing contract managers to be sure they are addressing the important issues first.

Secure User Administration for Both Contract Parties

Cotrac security means one or more contract managers can be assigned to any provider, and assigned providers are given limited login access to the system for just their own document requirements that you have set up in Cotrac.  Cotrac’s secure system access ensures just the right group of people can access sensitive documentation and be a part of contract communications.

By ensuring the right contacts are kept up to date, Cotrac’s flexibility allows contract managers the ability to review what providers are going to be late (or who may already be) for a certain kind of submission or all submission types.  The system gives contract managers the distinction of reviewing un-reviewed items or items already reviewed.

The way contract managers want to review the statuses of their submissions is up to them – Cotrac’s dashboards allow managers to show just past due, soon to be past due, or items requiring further attention. With so many different types of documents required from providers on a recurring basis, Cotrac makes it easy to keep providers up to date on each requirement, regardless of when it is due.

Instantly Approve, Deny or Message Contract Managers

Communication is a two-way street, so contract managers can approve, deny or message providers directly from the system to notify them that their uploaded submissions may need to be changed further.  Updated documents can be uploaded by providers with one click and then they will be automatically taken to the next step in a required contractual compliance.

See the complete picture of your submissions in a number of ways:

  • The total number of submissions for a contract
  • The number that were on time and approved
  • The number that came in late
  • The number of late items that were approved
  • The number of late items that were rejected
  • The total number of rejections
  • The number of currently overdue items
  • The number of items that so far are un-reviewed


To learn more about Cotrac, the child welfare contract management system that allows you to spend more time focusing on client service instead of chasing down contracts, just contact us or schedule a demo.