The Five Points

Since opening our doors in 1999, Five Points Technology Group, Inc. (Five Points) has been guided by five key steps that enable us to deliver unique, innovative technology solutions to our clients:  Analyze, Develop, Integrate, Train and Support.

We begin by analyzing an organization’s current systems and services, as this is the first step in learning how users can best apply a solution to meet the challenges of everyday service.  With staff licensed in child care administration, social work and behavioral mental health counseling, our business analysts make it a point to first understand your business processes before moving ahead to solutions. In fact, with well over one third of our analysts having direct care experience in the child welfare and the health and human services industry, we speak your language.  Our functional analysis, technical analysis and application design steps are based upon the guiding principle of enabling better and more efficient systems for those who serve others, which we take very seriously.

We then start to develop a custom solution based on emerging technologies proven to deliver effective results in a flexible and dependable cloud-based application architecture:  Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Reporting Technologies, Intersystems Software Technologies, Oracle Business Solutions, and Enterprise ETL interfaces and customized, automated data sharing and transfer processing.  We believe in a team programming environment at Five Points, with a continual introduction of improved software tools to enhance our systems, and veteran analysts and developers mentoring junior staff.

We then integrate the system with your existing data and connect to external data systems.   Our team is exceptionally qualified in connecting disparate data systems at the state or local level in order to create a holistic view of a client or family.  By quickly and seamlessly connecting client data through master client data processing tailored specifically to your organization and data partnerships, Five Points creates a single master client index record designed to support performance analysis, reporting using extended data analytics, and delivery of cost effective decision-making capability for all of your client management staff.  Our data integration and ETL processes have created substantial time savings for our customers by gathering and presenting quality data back to them in a useful and dynamic format.

Five Points will train your staff with the knowledge that system implementation is one key step in overall organizational change management.   We understand the challenges created as an organization accepts the need to change business processes and the systems, as well as the needs of staff in adapting to new procedures and software.  Five Points works closely with your organization in a targeted team effort to support the right amount of training to the right people at the right time during system implementation.  By successfully managing change within the organization, we strive to produce lasting training results with flexible support for future management strategy.

Finally, we move into the support stage.  At Five Points, we do not just develop and implement technology into an organization’s daily operations, we continue to support your team and continue to take a seat at the table with a partnership toward long term growth and progress.  Unlike many technology firms, Five Points’ unending support begins where others leave off as we continue to host your application in our federally-compliant datacenter and responsively support your users.  All Five Points customers understand that while systems needs may change going forward, our dedication to your organization’s systems will not.

Analyze, Develop, Integrate, Train and Support are the five key steps Five Points has followed as a continued formula for our success. Since our beginning we’ve continued to build a reputation for service and a knack for innovation by teaming closely with our business partners, exceeding their expectations with no-nonsense, cost effective solutions designed for early success aligned with long term strategic goals.

Contact us to inquire about the affordable difference Five Points can make in your organization’s information systems, or arrange for a demonstration of one our products designed with your business in mind.